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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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go through the process of pre and preproposal conferences and submitals so in terms of negotiating we're looking at spring of 2015, coming back to the board of supervisors for approval before the expiration. >> okay, terrific. thank you. okay, now we have john pendleton from auto returns who is auto return's chief financial officer. >> thank you. i really came prepared to offer you perspective, we work in 7 jurisdictions around the country so if you'd like to know more about that i can tell but that. i can give you more detailed answers how the process works for citizens within the context of the police department's process.
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>> i think it would be both to talk about the process and it would be helpful to hear about other jurisdictions where auto return works,. >> let me start with the later because i have it at my fingertips. we went out and spoke to each of our service managers that work in each of these jurisdictions. if san francisco you understand administrative fees are being waived. in (inaudible) there are no fee waivers. in concord they also waive the administrative fees but they do that for all people who are towed, not just the residents of concord. in kansas city the tow fee is discounted 50 percent and there's a 4 day great period for the storage. in indian nap police nothing is waived. in
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baltimore county, likewise nothing is waived and the same is true for the pennsylvania state police where we are conducting a pilot. there are incidents in all of these jurisdictions where there will be extenuating circumstances where the police department might choose to waive more of the fees just due to the circumstances so that's what we see from the other jurisdictions and then we also hear from all of our police department clients that they also are very mindful of the fact that many of the individuals, there is insurance coverage in place so they tend to try to incorporate that into whatever policy they put into place as well. >> i mentioned this at the beginning of the issue, comprehensive insurance. i think that was part of the rationale of eliminating the waiver because if there is comprehensive insurance obviously we would prefer for the insurance company to pay for the towing costs and not for the city or auto return to absorb that. actually we have not been able to get the
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data yet, we're trying to find out what percentage of vehicles actually have comprehensive insurance and i suspect, you know, it's probably very high for newer vehicles and very low for older vehicles. do you have any sense of that? >> i would agree with your atefrptions on that but it's very difficult data to come by unless you have a policy implemented where you are actually asking people for that information as part of your process. i wish we had more information to share with you about that, we just don't have that information because we don't collect that from any individuals. >> we're trying to get that from the state department of insurance so we'll let you know if we find out. >> okay. >> okay, and in terms of the process here can you walk us through the process? >> it's very consistent with what you've heard already but i'll walk through the steps. these vehicles are all, when they are towed, they are towed by the san francisco
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police department. we do not release any vehicles towed by the san francisco police department unless we have the written release from the department. the written release comes with instructions about what we are supposed to do in terms of waivers of any type so it's not just stolen vehicles but whatever type of release, if there's any waiver to be applied, the instructions come to us in writing. that actually is in the process of changing, the team at bryant street is in the process of using our system so they can send us those instructions which is better because it makes it a more streamlined process. but when we get those instructions, when the individual arrives at our facility, we go into the system, it's all automated based on the type of tow. our team goes into the system and puts in essentially negative amounts and that results in the total
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amount of fees being paid on the vehicle being reduce ode by the amount of the waiver. for example, all of these stolen vehicles, if it's a san francisco resident as you've been told, we receive instructions to waive the admin fee and prior to that the pd has also waived their administrative fee. we now collect that fee on behalf of the pd so we are now getting instructions from them not to apply that fee in the same instances. >> in terms of the fee structure, so we know there's an administrative fee from the police department, $195, the mta has an administrative fee of $266, those can both be waived for san francisco residents. then there is the tow fee, as i understand it, it's $220.75 and then what is the storage fee? >> the storage fee is different on the first day. the first four hours are
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free and just to clarify, that four hour grace period is applied to all towed vehicles, not just stolen vehicles. >> okay, we had heard it was only for -- it's for all. >> that's a very long-standing policy of the mta >> but only for san francisco residents. >> no, no, every towed vehicle, no matter the reason for the tow or where the vehicle owner resides, all vehicle owners have a four hour grace period. we don't see that very often in other parts of the country, i think it's a very favorable part of san francisco's fees. but that reduced fee is $57.25, that's what it was set when we received the new fee structure from the mta, and after that the fee is $66.75. that's for passenger vehicles. there are different rates for larger passenger vehicles and lesser rates for
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motorcycles but it always is the same the first day is less than the subsequent amount. >> and it ends up being approximately $500 per week. >> yes. >> thank you very much. any other questions? thank you very much. >> thank you. probably at this point those are our presentations and i think we can go to public comment. >> okay, at this time we will open the floor up for public comment. each speaker will have two minutes and please feel free to approach the podium and stick to the subject matter, please. >> these few days i establish a new proper actor something like for the
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(inaudible) equivalent for diane feinstein (inaudible) protection against prostitution city --. >> sir, this is about parking. thank you. is there a charles howell available to speak? >> hi, i had my car stolen 2 1/2 years ago and supervisor warner's office contacted me, they have the notes on it, but i had the most negative experience and felt like i was victimized three times: once by the victim of stealing my car, then by auto return and then by the police in the city. and i can tell you exactly what happened in that time and i sort of
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disagree with the 20 minutes because i don't think even the police department can get anywhere in 20 minutes without a siren. and i was, i worked for the police department before, i was the deputy convention manager for the 1984 democratic convention so i thoroughly know their operations in terms of what happens. they called me after 3 days that the car was stolen. i was downstairs so i didn't answer the phone, i went directly upstairs and called them back and they said, well, it's in the process of being towed. and i said, well, where is it? and it was at 21st and shotwell in the mission. so i said, well, i can get there, you know, as soon as i can. well, it's in the
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process of being towed. so they went ahead and towed it. in the meantime the police department called me back and apologized because i have a handicapped placard in the car because i had two surgeries in three months and the last one was a total hip replacement so i had a handicapped placard in the car so it didn't need to be towed from the parking space. then they said, well, you have to go down and get a release. so i went down to the police station where they --. >> you can continue with your story. go ahead. >> then i had to go down to auto return and then they said, oh, the car is not here, it's at pier 70. do you need transportation? they did not waive any fees, including the storage. i got to pier 70, a neighbor was driving me around, otherwise it
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would have taken me forever to get all this done. so i got to the front gate and i was walking with a cane and they said, well, you have to go down to the administrative thing which was a quarter of a mile in on pier 70, so i walked down to it and then they finally brought the car out. then i found out that whoever had stolen it had broken off the key in the ignition so i couldn't drive it so i had to have it towed again. the reception was so bad at pier 70 that i had to go back to the entrance in order to call triple a. they would not allow triple a into pier 70 without me being in the tow truck with them as if there was something to steal. so then we towed the car to my mechanic, which was two blocks away from where the car was stolen,
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okay? then i had the, saw the information they gave me at auto return and i called the numb to appeal at the police department appeal on the first floor and, by the way, it was, the written stuff from auto return was contradictory with the number that you call. so i went down there. i was waiting and waiting, i found out one guy had won an appeal from the year before and he was down there to find out what was going on and they had lost his file. >> mr. howell, can you wrap up, please? your time has expired. >> i basically went through the whole process and i was denied the appeal. i was charged the tow, i was
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charged the storage, as far as i remember. it was several hundred dollars, plus i had to have the car repaired. so all in all it was like a totally negative experience where i don't think anybody in the process cared anything about what had happened. >> thank you. >> okay? >> are there any other member s of the public who would like to make public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. president chu >> i want to make a very brief comment of thanking supervisor weiner for calling this hearing. it has been a busy year for me and i support you in making whatever changes need to be made
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in this area. this is definitely something where changes need to be made. >> i think there does need to be a change to the contract. there needs to be at a minimum a longer grace period, we need to make sure that owners of stolen vehicles that are towed are treated in a fair way and are not hit with all sorts of storage fees so i look forward to the negotiations, the process and negotiations and then received a proposed contract from the mta that reflects the need to treat owners of stolen vehicles fairly. so, colleagues, as i mentioned in the next few weeks i will be introducing a resolution so that the board can go on record to the mta and also, commander ali, would it be possible for you to speak with mr. howell after the hearing because it sounds like an odd
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situation if the fees weren't waived. i'm not sure why or how it happened. colleagues, thank you, thank you to mta, sfpd and auto return and i would request that the committee continue this to the call of the chair. >> thank you, supervisor weiner, i really appreciate your leadership on this. i know that when i was the director at the african american art and culture complex often times it was a place that many stolen vehicles were left and those vehicles were towed and people would come to us and ask for assistance, they were frustrated, we didn't realize the vocs in some cases were stolen and it was just a nightmare for many of those folks to recover their vehicles and the expense of storage for days at a time, i mean, again, i do agree with mr. howell in his comments that you are a victim three times over because of the process of what you go through. so i do appreciate your leadership. i'm happy
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to work with you and support you in your efforts to reform the system. thank you everyone for coming today and presenting and being willing to work on this particular matter. i look forward to some great changes in the future. and with that there's a motion to table -- excuse me -- there's a motion to continue this item to the call of the chair. without objection this item is continued to the call of the chair. >> thank you. >> okay, madam clerk, please call the next item. >> item no. 2 is a resolution receiving and approving annual reports for the fisherman's wharf community benefit district and the fisherman's wharf annual dinner for 2014. >> as you know we have an amazing number of community benefit districts around the city. one of the first i had a chance to work with was our fisherman's wharf community
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benefit district. as we are required to do under our cbd laws there are annual reports we must receive, evaluate and then move forward in resolutions and that is what we are doing here today. i want to thank troya campbell from our fisherman's wharf community benefit district for being here, as well as our owd staffer and i understand she has a brief presentation for us today. >> good morning, supervisors, i'll try to keep this as brief as possible. the presentation that's on the laptop, we wanted to -- senior project manager, i oversee the community benefit
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district program for san francisco. as stated by supervisor chu, there are two pieces of legislation that requires to go through this process. the first is the 1994 act which is otherwise known as the california street and highways code of california. our local act, which is a part of our san francisco business tax and regulation code and its otherwise known as article 15. the resolution in front of you covers annual reports for the fiscal year of 2009-10, 10-11, 11-12 and 12-13. owd is responsible for ensuring all community benefit districts are meeting their requirements. the fisherman's wharf cbd is responsible for two districts.
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there are roughly 127 parcels on the land side district and around 49 businesses that are assessed on the business side. on an annual basis we collect around $800,000 in assessment revenues. the fisherman's cbd, both port side and land side, will expire on june 30th, 2020. staff of the cbd are comprised of 3 main staff, executive director troy campbell, who is with us today, program manager ruell daniels and marketing communications manager rachel brown. the three components of service areas at the fisherman's wharf covers is district identify and streetscape improvements, street operation, beautification and order and admin and corporate operations. in terms of financial review, owd reviewed 4 benchmarks, the
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first being whether the cbd was between 10 percentage points between their management plan and their budget for the years. second is whether or not on an annual basis they were able to collect 5 percent of their budget from non-assessment revenues, the third being whether or not between their budget and actuals were within 10 percentage points of each budget item and the fourth being whether or not they identified how many funds were being carried forward into the next fiscal year. in terms of benchmark 1 on the land side, fisherman's wharf cbd for the most part complied with this wtd exception of fiscal year 2010-2011 and in 2009-2010 they were very close to not being in compliance with that regulation. in terms of the port side there were no issues with their management plan versus annual budgets. for assessment revenue and other income, the cbd has always met
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this for the fiscal years in review and in 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 they well exceeded that requirement. in terms of the comparison of budget to actuals, the cbd on the land side had met this requirement in all years. on the port side, however, in fiscal years 09-10, 11-12 and 12-13, in their district identity and streetscape improvements line item they were slightly out of that 10 percent range. in terms of carry over you will see here that fisherman's wharf cbd on average had between $200,000 and $300,000 in carry forward. we attribute this to the delay to getting the funds to the cbd from the tax collector's office. in terms of recommendations we recommend the fisherman's wharf
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cbd through their financial analysis reports really separate between land side and port side given the complexity of the management plans and that they actively work toward improving their performance and owd also committing to reviewing midyear reports on a timely manner and annual reports. in terms of the fisherman's wharf cbd's programmatic performance, they have exceled at many of their areas. they have hosted numerous events that really are regional destinations, they have strengthened their partnerships with community stake holders and their board of directors and committees are extremely strong and they have really led the kha*rpblg with the public realm improvements on jefferson street. i'm going to ask executive director troy campbell come up and talk about all the successes they have experienced in the past 4 fiscal years.
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>> hello, good morning to you. i just want to start off by also letting you know we have one of the largest board of directors for any cbd in the city, we have a 25 member board of directors and a 7 member executive team. our mission and vision really is to work on market research, branded destination marketing, sidewalk operations, district beautification, traffic and urban planning and emergency preparedness. i'm going to skip this next slide because it's redundant, we've already seen the district map. we have several active committees, marketing, transportation, finance, sustainability, pier safe which is our emergency preparedness xlit , street operations and urban planning. we work with and partner with over 20 other organizations as well in the city. city agencies, other nonprofits, associations. we have several on-going programs that i wanted to highlight and i'll
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be going through each figure and talking just briefly about some of the accomplishments for each of the four fiscal years we're talking about today. one of the things is we do holiday lights every year, we deck raid the crab wheel sign, we have a program called fish net, recognizing in a major disaster fisherman's wharf could be a major evacuation point for the city due to all the boats that are there. there are about 15 different hotels and boat companies that are part of that and it is riging us by radio so in the event of emergency we can all contact each other and evaluate situations, run an infinite command station if if necessary with over 6,000 hotel rooms at fisherman's wharf and 30,000 people walking the street in the event of an emergency we could have a lot of people there that have no place to go. then one of the other things that's been on-going for years is our
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public realm advocacy and pushing that program forward and keeping the community involved. our fiscal year 2009-10 some of the accomplishment there were planning, working with the san francisco planning department, the mayor's ofrs and the port on the environmental impact report for the public realm plan. some of these things, while not too reduck dapbt i put the fiscal years because it's something we do on an annual basis and that is partnering with the city for the 4th of july celebration, we held our third annual pier safe drill that year, we participated in fleet week every week and we also designed and printed 12,000 brochures on fisherman's wharf that are distributed in hundreds of locations around southern california. we secured grants that year to expand the flower basket program and 80,000 on a program
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to make fisherman's wharf a sdoe row away zone. we provide additional 10b coverage with sfpd in the evenings when our beat officers go home and we have no coverage at the wharf. we have also worked on short term parking locations and bus parking to make the district work better and flow better with all the tour busses we have. we did a street banner plan that year and every year we work with the san francisco yacht club on the holiday lights and boat parade and that year we also held a celebrity crab cracking contest. in 2010-11 we added a hospitality program and this was to supplement a street clean team that we had working picking up litter and trash in the district. we lit all the trees on taylor street from jefferson, the intersection of jefr --
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jefferson and taylor. began implementation of the grant on zero waste program, improved conrad park by lighting all the trees, the park had no external lights at all and was quite dark and dangerous in the evening. we did that to help beautify it but also provide additional safety. we redesigned and provided more brochures, provided cell phones to our regular beat cops since we in the district can get ahold of them since we get a lot of calls asking for aid and we held workshops that year focused on sustainable seafood practices for the fisherman's wharf restaurants. in 11-12 we helped support the restaurants in the district by working to keep mobile food carts from getting permits there. this is very important because we have many eateries that pay very high rents and were struggling. we did the emergency
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preparedness drill, we did the second year of the zero waste grant. the community is still working on redesigning conrad park to make it safer. opened a series of free workshops about sustainability, zero waste for local businesses that were free, made improvements to our ambassador program by xwipk the clean team to the ambassadors to work as one, worked with supervisor scott weiner's office on improving the local food legislation that was essentially passed, printed an essential card list that was printed to the entire district and gave them information on how to contact our ambassadors, hospitals, all those things to improve safety. in the 20-13 we replaced the iconic fisherman's wharf crab sign, it
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was slated to be torn down, very iconic, known the world over, we worked with the merchant's association in the port to raise funds and rebuild the sign. it also has led lights in it so it's a lot more efficient than it had been in the past. we produced our 6th annual emergency preparedness drill, completed the third year of the grant which has many of the restaurants if not all the restaurants at the restaurant using compostable bins and recycling instead of trash compactors where everything went into one bin. we improved joseph conrad park thatee, made it a lot safer, stepping
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up patrols in the area. we produced the first crab fest event which produced over $5,000 for local charities, we built out a new web site called new jefferson which tracked the construction of jefferson street and provided a blog that updated the neighborhood on all the construction and meetings and we partnered dpw that year to hold a ribbon cutting event for the street opening so just kind of in conclusion we continue our vision, remain on track with our management plan with emphasis being on funding for phase ii of jefferson street, district cleanliness and safety, beautifying and embellishing the district, adding additional signage that supports our district branding, planning to end homelessness, planning to make the district prepared for emergencies and improving transportation. and that's the end